Onboard with Confidence

“WelcomePath connects new members with guided and actionable onboarding paths that provide a consistent and ever-evolving platform for engaging people successfully during one of the most important stages of member development.”

Founder of WelcomePath

Why Choose WelcomePath?

Set Up Repeatable Processes

Create a consistent stages for onboarding into your organization (or for changing between teams) while building your community

Adapt and Iterate as You Learn

Active feedback at every stage from users provides the insights to constantly improve your processes

Extend to New Challenges

Onboarding is a challenge not just for new members to your organization, but also as people change and evolve within your organization.

About WelcomePath

Our Mission

WelcomePath’s mission is to help organizations create processes that efficiently and effectively onboard new members so they can be more successful.

Why We’re Different

We’re laser focused on the problem of onboarding by empowering your people to create, customize, and adapt paths of engagement into your organization. WelcomePath provides a platform that can adapt and change over time. With clear steps, accomplishments, and feedback at every stage of the process, new members have a chance to learn about your organization as they grow and develop into their role.

About the Founder

WelcomePath is a product of Collective Nexus, LLC. It was designed and built as a during nights and weekends by a product manager as a side project. With over 20 years of experience in large, medium, and small companies, along with many years supporting volunteer and nonprofit organizations, he had seen many people come and go without proper onboarding. With a passion for helping people reach their full potential as soon as possible as a path to fuller engagement and involvement, he built WelcomePath.