Empower new members with guided onboarding paths

Help your team members connect, learn, and add value as soon as possible

With clear steps, accomplishments, and feedback at every stage of the process, WelcomePath gives new members a chance to quickly learn to become a valuable member of your organization with fewer barriers and more sustained support.

Choose people with expertise and interest in supporting others to be guides and set up and manage onboarding paths for new hires or members.

Each path consists of a series of actionable steps that can be marked as completed by the new team member.

As they pass through the steps of a path, he or she can receive feedback including encouragement, insights, and suggestions from guides.

Once a path is completed, the new hires or members can provide helpful feedback to the guides and to others by leaving a review.

Comments are available on paths, steps, and completions which gives new team members a place to interact, ask questions, and support and encourage one another.

An activity feed for all related actions can be sent via email on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

“WelcomePath connects new members with guided and actionable onboarding paths that provide a consistent and ever-evolving platform for engaging people successfully during one of the most important stages of member development.”

Founder of WelcomePath

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